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Sliding Down The Hill

Olivier Vander Bauwede's picture

A tune in C, played on a Hohner Rocket Low F. I guess I was a bit inspired by both Little Walter and Sonny Boy Williamson II on this one. 

Greetings from Belgium, 

Olivier Vander Bauwede


Congrats on the win Olivier.

SP_Dublin's picture

Congrats on the win Olivier. I really enjoyed your instrumental. 

Thank you Seán, and

Olivier Vander Bauwede's picture

Thank you Seán, and congratulations to you as well. I really liked your playing! 

Yowza!  That's some pretty

Joe Filisko's picture

Yowza!  That's some pretty baddazz playing there.  Amazingly skillful bending and you are making it sound SO easy! I loved your melodic theme and was delighted to hear you play it often.  Killer job!

Thanks Joe! 

Olivier Vander Bauwede's picture

Thanks Joe! 

Sharon Barrett's Comments

Sharon Barrett's picture

Thanks for your submission! Although I have a trained harmonica ear, I will not be judging on the technicality as much as other elements. We will leave that to David and Joe :-)

Nice rhythm! I was able to keep my same sway the entire performance.

The tune is catchy with a good flow. It allows the audience to "participate" in knowing where some of the song is going (like humming along), which makes it memorable. 

Smooth, easy listen!

Thank you Sharon! 

Olivier Vander Bauwede's picture

Thank you Sharon! 

I like the 3’ to 5 interval

David Barrett's picture

I like the 3’ to 5 interval in your head… it’s really catchy. Nice hand usage. I like the call and response of the main line and the 1 2 3 draw chord. Nice chromaticism in the 2” 2’ 2 line. Nice changeup at 1:05. Nice rhythmic breathing in the return of the head in the last chorus. Short and interesting. Excellent job… thank you for your submission. 

Thanks David! 

Olivier Vander Bauwede's picture

Thanks David!