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Sausage Dog

Hartmut52's picture

Hello fellow harmonica enthusiasts,

this song is in the key of E (A harp in 2nd position), and was inspired by our short-legged dog with a loooooooong back... ; )

Hope you enjoy it



Sharon Barrett's Comments

Sharon Barrett's picture

Nice fade in! Bonus points for my favorite song title :-) Nice textures throughout! 117-122 seconds threw me off a little, only because it reminded me of when someone forgets their lyrics mid song and kind of hums along. I am sure you were not intending that, but it just didn't fit so well since the rest of the song had a strong feel. Take that with a grain of salt. I really appreciate your originality and playing with different sounds!


Thank you very much, Sharon!

Hartmut52's picture

This dog (and the harmonica sometimes) drives me nuts!!! ; )

Killer chording!  Starting

Joe Filisko's picture

Killer chording!  Starting out with it was a great idea.  Amazing use of the full range of the harp.  I think I heard a melody in 3 different octaves!  WOW!  Good job coming back to your melodic hook.  Very best of luck to you and thanx for your cool submission

Thank you very much, Joe,

Hartmut52's picture

you found very friendly words for my submission!

Nice "appearing from the

David Barrett's picture

Nice "appearing from the mist” chording in the opening. Nice 1st Position idea for the IV in your head. Nice upper octave IV in the repeat of the head. I like the rhythm of your 4/5 combo at 1:27. Nice sequential lick at 2:16. Nice use of dynamics. Overall flow is real nice. Excellent job… thank you for your submission. 

Thank you very much, David,

Hartmut52's picture

without you this submission wouldn't have been possible! 

Thank you very much, David,

Hartmut52's picture

without you this submission wouldn't have been possible!