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Rouv's Grooves

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Here is my song called 'Rouv's Grooves'.

It's played in the key of D with a G Harmonica in 2nd position and 110 bpm. :)



Greetings from Heilbronn, Germany.





Sharon Barrett's Comments

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This song is neat--I like the different sounds as if it was Funky Blues and Country rolled up into one! I really like your Wa Wa sounds on the 3 draw/4 draw combo. 35 to 36 seconds (5+, 4+, 6+, 5 flutter) was the only part that I did not think fit as well, but that is only 2 seconds of a long song. Entertaining performance!

That is indeed a cool riff

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That is indeed a cool riff that you put together.  Loved it.  Solid straight eighth note groove and interesting to hear your switch to a shuffle in the middle.  Daring!  Loved the repetition.  Nice composition!  Best of luck to you and so many thanks for your submission!

Very catchy hook… got me

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Very catchy hook… got me tapping my foot right away. Nice head variation in chorus two (effective use of octaves as well). From :53 to 1:02 you move to a swing rhythm… I think it would be more effective to stay in the straight-eighth rhythm. A short and effective composition.  Good job… thank you for your submission.