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Last Minute Blues

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Blues in A on a Low D harp.


Yeah!  I'm a sucker for that

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Yeah!  I'm a sucker for that Birdish chordal groove!  Very cool that you came back to it at the end.  I was impressed with your use of repetition and extreme use of chords.  Well done!

Sharon Barrett's Comments

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Thanks for your submission! Although I have a trained harmonica ear, I will not be judging on the technicality as much as other elements. We will leave that to David and Joe :-)

I like the beginning--starting off slow then going right into it. I feel it goes along with the title of Last Minute Blues. Like here I am waiting at the train station, and "oh, I have a harp in my pocket, so I may as well play." 

Great dynamics!

Biggest critique: I appreciate speed playing but I was kicked out of my toe tapping a few times during the switches, so smoother transitions to keep the rhythm. 

Strong performance!

I like your simple intro…

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I like your simple intro… reminiscent of Rice Miller’s "Bye Bye Bird.” Good idea to use a low harp. Excellent use of hands, head tone and volume dynamics, and varied articulations. Try reversing your breathing for your thematic chordal pattern for the IV Chord (this is a simple, but effective way to change for the IV… draws become blows and blows become draws). Nice change to the bass line at :58. Effective dynamics at 1:29. Good idea to bring the head back at 1:42. Good length… kept me interested the entire time. Highest marks from me are for your dynamics use. Excellent job… thank you for your submission.