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A Hop, Skip & a Jump

SP_Dublin's picture


Please find attached my entry for the self accompanied original competition. This is a jump blues in the style of Little Walter, Big Walter & George Harmonica Smith. It is called 'A Hop, Skip & a Jump'. 

Best regards



Thanks everbody for these

SP_Dublin's picture

Thanks everbody for these really nice comments! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. 

Sharon Barrett's Comments

Sharon Barrett's picture

Strong playing! Great speed with great control, especially from 33 to 47 seconds. I can picture you playing with a band behind you!

That there is some skillful

Joe Filisko's picture

That there is some skillful playing for sure.  Amazing control of your bends and nice groove happening.  Repetition in your head was killer diller.  Sure worked for me.  Loved it.  Thanks a zillion for your submission and wishing you the very best of luck

Catchy head… got me tapping

David Barrett's picture

Catchy head… got me tapping my feet and moving my body right away. Effective use of space in your second chorus. I like your driving third chorus after the second chorusses use of space. Nice chording in the fourth chorus. Nice use of octaves. Nice horn-like lines in chorus five. Excellent job… thank you for your submission. 


Hartmut52's picture

Hi Seán,

this song has a great groove and very cool bendings and rhythmic changes, love it a lot!!!

This is in D Major, played on

SP_Dublin's picture

This is in D Major, played on a G harp in 2nd position.