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groove on the move

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This is played on G-harp in 2.Pos.

Greetings from


Hattenhofen, Southern Germany


Very cool use of the rhythmic

Joe Filisko's picture

Very cool use of the rhythmic chording.  You never let it go.  So delightful and you didn't try and shoot beyond your technical skill set.  Most impressive.  Some amazing rhythmic tongue blocking.  Got me smiling wide.  Best of luck to you with your song submission.

Sharon Barrett's Comments

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Strong playing and good rhythym! My favorite part was from 109 seconds on. The first part of the song was somehwat ordinary, and I thought, "I've heard this before." But then you got into the later part and managed to snazz up the familiar sound. I like that fade out in the end. Thanks!



Good job getting my toes

David Barrett's picture

Good job getting my toes tapping right away. Nice use of dynamics and textures throughout the composition. A solid composition… thank you for your submission.