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First of Green

jgwilks's picture

A little first position thing I do.

I played it in my greenhouse and hit record on a first take. So totally acoustic and unedited.

Hence the name of it.

John Wilkie


Holy Smoke!  A straight harp

Joe Filisko's picture

Holy Smoke!  A straight harp rhythmic piece!  DeFord look out.  I was impressed that you kept coming back to your melodic theme even through all the mulitiple key changes.  I was feeling like I was on a trip around the world!  Best of luck on your piece and thank you for your submission

Sharon Barrett's Comments

Sharon Barrett's picture

Thanks for your submission! Although I have a trained harmonica ear, I will not be judging on the technicality as much as other elements. We will leave that to David and Joe :-)

I think you should keep recording in your greenhouse, because it gives it a nice, slight old record feel.

My favorite element is the hook sound (the one in the first 4 seconds). You snuck the sound in quite a few places without keeping it exactly the same (except one other time), so it kept me on my toes. I would hear the start of the sound and go, "oh there it is, but not quite, cool."

Biggest critique: I appreciate improvisation and like that some songs are not perfectly structured. The only thing is that it was a little too here and there at times. I think it would be cool to do the here and there while keeping it a little tighter. Even though it wandered a bit, you were able to keep the mood of the song even throughout. Nice job!


I like the movement and

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I like the movement and rhythm of your main lick… gives the feel of IV to I, and later in the piece a lingering V. Nice dynamic rhythm change at 1:04. Overall rhythm is good… I’m able to tap my foot most of the composition without interruption. The tonal center floats a little bit too much for my taste (it’s hard to tell what key you’re in at times… 1st, 2nd, or 3rd position… which can be a cool thing, but at times I didn’t know where home was, weakening the composition). Nice to hear the high end work at 2:11. Good job… thank you for your submission.