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David's Tip of the Day: Mic'ing Two Amps in the Studio

David Barrett Admin's picture

The next time you find yourself in the studio, bring two amps to play through. Using a splitter or A/B box does the job to send the signal of your bullet mic into both amps. You can also plug in the Input 1 of one amp, and then with an instrument cable run out the Input 2 or Line Out of that amp into the input of the other. The studio engineer will mic each amp separately and will place a third mic in the room to pickup the ambient (room sound) of your rig, especially if it's a live (reflective) room. When it comes to mixing you'll appreciate having all the tonal options these three mics provide. You can either find your preferred mixed sound to use for the entire project or change the mix of these mics to give each song a different flavor.