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This is my first attempt at writing a song. This is key of E on my A harmonica. This was quite hard but I finally got through so thank you Dave I greatly appreciate all your help. I've been playing 1 year and 47 weeks.

Thanks Phil Anderson


Sharon Barrett's Comments

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You did a good job throwing in some chording! There were a few rushed parts in there, but you did a good job of evening things back out. Try toe tapping or swaying to keep the rhythym (unless that will throw you off even more...ha!). I think you did a fantastic job for your first time song writing!

Some strong playing for less

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Some strong playing for less than 2 years.  I was impressed with some of your tongue blocking skills.  Right on!  Some creative melodies you got happening there.  Had a surprise ending to boot with the rubato and fade out.  Big thanks for your submission and very best of luck to you!

Nice use of dynamics right

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Nice use of dynamics right away. You got my toes tapping and they stayed that way (you rushed a touch in some places… mostly pickups… but it was overall good). Nice sequence of your main melody at :17. Nice shake variation at 1:23. Good job… thank you very much for your submission. 

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Thank you Dave Joe and Sharon I greatly appreciate everything from the school and all the help.

Thanks Phil