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Cat's blues

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Hi, it's A harp in 2nd position 

Hope you enjoy it. 

Greetings from Milan , Melanie 


Congratulations and thanks

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Congratulations to the winners! I really enjoy listen to all ! Thanks Joe, Sharon and David for their constructive comments on my audio. It is not so easy to express the melody or rhythm you have in your head and it does not always come out well. All this will help me to improve and that's why I decided to participate. Good luck to all ! 

Nice!  Nice variety of

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Nice!  Nice variety of textures, percussives and bending expressions.  My favorite part by far was the touch of the FoxChase/LostJohn chordal groove at the end.  Thank you so much for your submission and best of luck!

Sharon Barrett's Comments

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I know you are just starting out, so I appreciate the submission--braver than many to submit a piece so early on, so great effort! 

I can hear your progress in using some of the techniques you are learning in the levels. Awesome job!

Biggest critiques: I would have liked to hear a better flow and established rhythm. There was a part where you started to pick it up around a minute and ten seconds which would have been a good tempo throughout. It would be nice to hear a more obvious transition to ending and then smoother ending. 

Keep up the hard work!

Nice use of slaps, octaves,

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Nice use of slaps, octaves, throat tremolo, and hand tremolo. I can hear your theme, so good job running the theme throughout the piece. Be cautious of using too much 4+. When playing in 2nd Position, your home base is 2/3+, 6+, and 9+. Too much use of 4+ can give a bitonal feel (that it’s in two keys), making it hard for the listener to know where home is. This is why the piece sounds unresolved at the end. What will take your performance to the next level is what you did at 1:09… this is the first place in the piece that I could tap my feat and start to feel the rhythmic drive of your piece… you’ll want more of that (it’s the lifting of the tongue on the upbeat for the chord… this is what’s giving it its drive). Good job… thank you for your submission.