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by rolfk

Rolf Koehler, Stuttgart, Germany

Ab Harp in 2. Pos.

Greetings from Stuttgart



Thank you, Joe, Sharon, and

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Thank you, Joe, Sharon, and David for the helpful reviews. Good motivation.


One heck of a composition you

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One heck of a composition you have happening there.  I love that crunchy traditional tongue blocking sound.  Makes me smile for sure.  My favorite 4 bars was the first 4 of your head.  Nice work!!!!!!

Sharon Barrett's Comments

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At first I was not as excited to hear a standard bass line, but I ended up liking it because you managed to stay true to it while adding some flare! I like the flourishes in 126-128. 143-193 seconds was my favorite passage as I heard the most originality in there. I appreciate that the head returns to tie it all up. Thanks!

Within your first beat you

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Within your first beat you transported me back to the classic pre-war style of harmonica… very cool. Then you jumped me back into the classic post war use of bass lines. Good use of slaps and pulls in your opening chorus. Well done with the bends on your V-IV-I lick. Watch your intonation in your IV7 chords throughout the composition… 3’ was played closer to 3. Nice IV7 sequence in your third chorus. Nice use of space in your fourth chorus. Great to hear dynamics in your sixth chorus (as well as your high end lick). If you utilize more dynamics, it will take your piece to the next level. I also feel if you speed your tempo up a touch, you’ll make a larger impact on the effectiveness of your groove (make it more toe-tapping). Killer lick at 2:57 and at ending. Excellent composition overall… I can tell you put a lot of work into this. Thank you for your submission.