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Up For Air

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Up For Air  

Key of E 2nd Position


Yes indeed!  Some nice boogie

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Yes indeed!  Some nice boogie woogie flavored harp.  Some really tough bends you are facing off with there.  Good energy.  My favorite part was the first 4 bars.  Most solid.  Thank you for your submission and good luck in the contest!

Sharon Barrett's Comments

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Thanks for submitting!

Nice tempo, and good technique!

The ending could be a little smoother by elongating it just a tad.

What I’m hearing is playing that's steeped in the tradition of blues harmonica, which is good. But, maybe you can spend some time working on your own recognizable sound that is unique to you as a player. Like, "oh that sound, that is definitely Paul."

Nice opening bass line… it

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Nice opening bass line… it gets my foot tapping right away. At the apex of your IV7, watch your intonation... you’re playing 3’ 3 3’ where 3” 3’ 3” should be played. Great job on the V-IV-I in the second chorus. Great job with your rhythm… I only heard one rhythmic hiccup in the entire piece (this is excellent). You start moving out of the form after the middle point of your composition… I would have liked to hear the twelve bar blues throughout, since this is how you presented the composition in the first couple of choruses. Try throwing a big draw chord at the end… the ending sounds abrupt. Well done… thank you for your submission.