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8 Bar Palooza

thompsoc's picture

8 Bar Blues on a G Harp in 2nd Position

Hope you Enjoy it,



Sharon Barrett's Comments

Sharon Barrett's picture

Nice slow ease into the song. My favorite part is from 91 to 102 seconds, when it really picked up. And then you did a good job of slowing it down again into a nice ending. The only part that threw me a little was from 57 to 59 seconds. I personally don't think it needed to be so soft, but just my preference. I like that there were some memorable sounds that I found myself looking for throughout the song and was pleased to find them. Thanks, Chad!

Nice variety of techniques

Joe Filisko's picture

Nice variety of techniques and sounds.  Had me thinking that I was hearing Apple Tree Swing and then into Shake That Thing kinda DeFordish.  Some really advanced bends you have in your line of sight.  Cool!  I appreciated hearing the melody again at the end and I liked that bubbling sound on the fade out chord.  Best of luck and thanx for your song submission.

I like your strong vibrato at

David Barrett's picture

I like your strong vibrato at the top… it draws me into a mood of the crying harmonica. Nice use of octaves and slaps. Nice use of Rice Miller melody and bridge in the opening chorus and then theme and variation afterwords. Good rhythm. Good job… thank you very much for your submission.