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What's New: *UPDATE* Performance Training Study 2 - Groove

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Now provided in this lesson is a PDF list of famous songs that contain the grooves we cover in this lesson. For those that have not studied this lesson, join me and a group of the most experienced harmonica-backing blues musicians on the planet for a lesson on Grooves. Our band for this lesson is Rusty Zinn (guitar), RW Grigsby (bass) and Marty Dodson (drums). In this study we cover the common grooves played in blues: Shuffle, Double Shuffle, T-Bone Shuffle, Jimmy Reed Shuffle, Flat Tire, Chicago Shuffle, Floater (Shuffle), Box (Shuffle), Lump (Shuffle), Swing, Two-Beat, Mojo Beat (Two-Beat), Train Beat (Two-Beat), Rock Beat, Funk, Tramp, Slow Blues, Rhumba, Modal, and more! Understanding the names of grooves and how to explain each instrument's role is paramount in being a good bandleader, accompanist and song writer. This is lesson is found here: