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What's New: Ronnie Shellist Interview

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Ronnie Shellist's musical career began in 1997 working with singer/songwriter Hugh Fadal from Austin, TX. Blues great Gary Primich was a huge influence on his music as well as Guy Forsyth and Walter T. Higgs who lived and played in Austin in the mid 90's. Thanks to a great blues scene in Austin at the time, Ronnie had an up close and personal experiences in the scene that heavily influenced his ultimate musical direction. His style is a combination of mostly Chicago and West Coast blues influenced by funk and jazz greats such as Grant Green and Maceo Parker.

In 1998, Ronnie moved to Colorado where he teamed up with the band Available Jones, a high-energy funk/rock band, touring the U.S. in 2000. He has worked with many greats in Colorado throughout the past 15 years, including such locals as John Alex Mason, Lionel Young, Rich Reno, Bob Pellegrino, Rex Peoples and Erica Brown.

By 2006, Ronnie began posting performances on YouTube which currently have over 9 million views. Ronnie's live performances include opening for such greats as BB King, Charlie Musselwhite, Robert Cray and the Neville Brothers. His first CD was recorded in 2007, titled Chicago Sessions. His most recent CD "Till Then" released in March of 2012, which features both originals and classics.

Currently Ronnie performs in/around Denver, CO where he resides, but also travels extensively around the U.S. performing music and presenting harmonica workshops (including the Hohner Roadshow). He works with Kilborn Alley, Corey Dennison, and Gerry Hundt around the Chicago, IL area. Ronnie is a Hohner Music artist, endorser and clinician... playing Hohner Harmonicas customized by Joe Filisko.

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