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What's New - New Small Amp Trial Checklist

David Barrett Admin's picture

Amps are on order for the new small amp trial (single-speaker design, commonly 10"). Some have already arrived, and I have to say, I'm REALLY impressed with some of them. Please go to to see my trial checklist and make suggestions before I begin if you see something I can add. Each amp will be demonstrated with multiple mics.

Here is the list of amps we will try. If you don't see an amp in there you would like tested, let me know on that post.

Fender Champion 20 1x8” - $99

Fender Mustang 1x8” - $119

VHT Special 6 1x10” - $249

Laney Cub 10 1x10” - $249

Fender Super Champ X2 1x10” - $379

Lone Wolf Harp Train 10 - $387

Fender Pro Jr - $419

Vox AC10 10W - $449

Windy City Plus - $455

Memphis Mini - $459

Fender Blues Jr - $529

Mission Harp Amp Tweed Delta Sonic 15 - $739

HarpGear 2 1x10” - $900

Marble Amp Max 1x10” - $1050