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What's New: New Blues Harmonica Classes Offered in San Jose, CA

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Three classes have just been opened to the public (my private students get first dibs). Info below...

5/15 - Rhythm Training & Dynamics (Class Size: 10 / Seats Left: 4 / Rate: $145)
What differentiates mediocre playing from great playing is rock-solid rhythm and expressive dynamics. In the rhythm portion of this class we’ll define and practice the common rhythms used in music as well as how to move out of, and back into, time for dramatic effect. We’ll also explore tactics for how to stay in time when playing with other musicians. In our dynamics portion of the class we’ll run through exercises to develop dynamic control on your instrument and approaches for how to start using dynamics more in your playing. All skill levels may attend this class. Class Times: 10:00am-5:30pm. Payment:

6/12 - Blues Bass Lines & Hooks (Class Size: 10 / Seats Left: 6 / Rate: $145)
Playing bass lines on the harmonica is extremely fun and sounds great. Playing bass lines is also the best way to learn chords in a very intuitive way. Knowing the chords of the 12 Bar Blues is extremely important for good accompaniment playing and for making strong musical choices in improvising. A hook is a small lick that’s repeated throughout a song to make it special. If a song lacks a hook and is boring with “nothin’ goin’ on,” play one of the hooks I’ll teach you to make it cool. Basic skills in bending are required to attend this class. Class Times: 10:00am-5:30pm. Payment:

7/22-24 - Harmonica Masterclass Workshop: Mastering Blues Harmonica Position Playing (Class Size: 10 / Seats Left: 6 / Rate: $495)
During this three-day class you’ll learn how to play in the three most common positions of the blues. We’ll start with a reviewing of scales, chords and the approach to 2nd Position playing. We’ll then spend most of our time on 3rd Position (both dark/minor and light/Jump & Swing blues approaches) and 1st Position (low and high octave approaches). We’ll finish by looking at how these positions relate and how spending time studying 3rd and 1st Positions can take your 2nd Position playing to a higher level. Study songs written by me (David Barrett) for the different positions are provided, as well as study examples by Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson, James Cotton, Big Walter Horton, Jimmy Reed, George Harmonica Smith and more. Jam session Friday evening and concert with guest artist Saturday evening included. Basic skills in bending are required to attend this class. Class Times: Fri: 1-9:30pm, Sat: 10:30am-9:30pm, Sun: 10:30am-4pm. Payment: