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What's New: Minor Playing Study Songs by Richard Sleigh

David Barrett Admin's picture

New videos have been added to the popular Minor Playing lesson. In Sections 2 and 3 of the lesson I've teamed up with Richard Sleigh and asked him to write a study song using the Minor Pentatonic Scale (same as the Blues Scale, minus the flat-5) to write a head that uses the same notes in four positions... 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th so that you can see how a melody can be directly transposed to one of these minor-friendly positions. I also requested that he solo two choruses in each of these examples so that you can hear the cool things that are unique to each of these positions. He's provided you with a recording for each position and a jam track for you to play along to, and I have transcribed each of these song examples for you to study in-depth if you wish. This is not only a cool example of how to play in minor, but also a great exercise in how positions work, especially the more rarely used 4th and 5th Positions.