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What's New: Andy Santana Interview

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Andy Santana is a long-respected tradition blues harmonica player, guitarist and vocalist from the California Bay Area. In this interview he brings the perspective of a longtime performer, songwriter, recording artist, bandleader and producer. Videos Include: Andy’s Early Years, Part 1; Andy’s Early Years, Part 2; Learning from Recordings; Developing Listening Skills, Part 1; Developing Listening Skills, Part 2; Accompaniment Playing; Tips for Crowd Interaction; Approach to Improvising, Part 1; Approach to Improvising, Part 2; Instrumental Songwriting; Tongue Blocking; Phrasing and Emotion; Choosing Bandmates, Part 1; Choosing Bandmates, Part 2; Bending; 3rd Position; 1st Position; Blues Chromatic; Minor Playing; Dealing with Non-12 Bar Blues Chord Changes; Andy’s Stage Equipment; Andy’s Studio Equipment; Closing; Bonus Footage: Artist Stories and Being a Music Sponge; Bonus Footage: Sonny Terry Story and Sharing; Bonus Footage: Gag Show with Aki Kumar