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What's New: Aki Kumar Interview

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You might already be familiar with Akarsha (Aki) Kumar from the recent CD "It Takes Three" with Aki, Gary Smith and myself (David Barrett), or the Contributor Videos Aki submitted in the early days of (2009). Aki was one of my students, and I'm proud to say one of my most dedicated and now accomplished students. He's been a professional player in the California Bay Area now for ten years, currently runs two of the most successful jam sessions in the area and has been featured on numerous CD's for the prestigious Greaseland Studios label. He's a very active performer in the Bay Area and tours outside the US on a regular basis.

You can see this interview at:

Videos Include
Aki’s Early Influences (Aki Kumar Video)
Aki’s Early Years (Aki Kumar Video)
Approach to Singing and Tips for Students (Aki Kumar Video)
Accompaniment Playing (Aki Kumar Video)
Improvising (Aki Kumar Video)
3rd Position (Aki Kumar Video)
1st Position (Aki Kumar Video)
Use of 9th and 13ths for a More Swinging Sound (Aki Kumar Video)
Tongue Blocking (Aki Kumar Video)
Bending (Aki Kumar Video)
Other Positions (Aki Kumar Video)
Blues Chromatic (Aki Kumar Video)
Music Theory (Aki Kumar Video)
Minor Playing (Aki Kumar Video)
Making a Living as a Gigging Musician (Aki Kumar Video)
Aki’s Equipment (Aki Kumar Video)
Practice Habits (Aki Kumar Video)
Choosing Musicians (Aki Kumar Video)
Starting Your Own Jam Session (Aki Kumar Video)
Thoughts on Overbending (Aki Kumar Video)
Closing (Aki Kumar Video)