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Tip of the Day: Study the Known and Explore the Unknown

David Barrett Admin's picture

I provide you with structured lessons on the harmonica... unprecedented in the history of blues harp education. This is your KNOWN element. If you follow the lesson plans I lay out for you, you WILL become a great player. In your journey there will be areas of bewilderment... and this is of course part of the process. You will not always know if you're doing something correctly, or if your time is best spent studying particular areas... but that's part of the process as well. For many, improvising and accompaniment playing is very daunting... it sure is... but again, it's part of the process. You WILL make mistakes, probably lots of them... but, learn from those mistakes... pickup strategies through lessons on the site... and in the end you'll become a great player. You won't know when... but you WILL become a great player.

P.S., mucho practice helps quite a bit :-)