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Tip of the Day: Happy New Year! (From Me, Gary and our Amps!)

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Happy New Year to all of you!

Here's something fun for you to watch today if you have the time...

This is the footage of Gary Smith and I testing amp setups on the bandstand from an upcoming episode of the Bassman Chronicles. This is the part where we play each amp setup, each time making notes (strategically placed students in the audience, the band and us). The goal is to make note how each amp setup affects...

1) How well we can hear on the bandstand

2) The tone we get on the bandstand

3) How well it fills the house and what it sounds like to the audience

There's a lot more to come on this, but I though you would enjoy this snippet since you need something to watch while consuming your annual allotment of salt and carbs. Happy New Year!

Bassmans at the Dell Part 1

Bassmans at the Dell Part 2