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Tip of the Day: Gift Ideas #7 - Blues Harmonica Method Level 2 BK/CD, The Tongue Block Method

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Blues Harmonica Method Level 2 BK/CD, The Tongue Block Method, just released. This would be on par with Level 4 bending and tongue block studies on the site.

Bending and advanced Tongue Blocking are covered along with three full-length song studies. Recording includes all harmonica parts notated in the book with accompaniment music. This book and its recording use the “C” and “A” major diatonic harmonica.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 – Bending
What Notes Can Be Bent
Bending Exercises
Two Note Combinations
Bending Example Song
Quartertone Bending
Bending Example Song Bending Exercises
“Feelin’ Good” Example Song Broken Down
“Feelin’ Good” Example Song
“Feelin’ Good” Play-Along Track
Chapter 2 – Advanced Tongue Blocking
Five-Hole Octaves
Five-Hole Octave Example Song
Side Pull
Octave Pull-Slap
Octave Pull-Slap Example Song
Single Note Pull-Slaps
Chapter 3 – Final Example Songs
“Serious Fun” Example Song Broken Down
“Serious Fun” Example Song
“Serious Fun” Play-Along Track – Track 39
“Lick Train” Example Song Broken Down
“Lick Train” Example Song