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Tip of the Day: Do you hear what we hear?

David Barrett Admin's picture

Now that the King of Swing contest submission period is over and judging has begun, this gives you the great opportunity to test your listening skills. Go to and listen to the first entry... not looking at any of the comments. Listen once just to appreciate the song. Listen again and make note of what you hear from chorus to chorus (texture, range, rhythm, dynamics, execution, head, hook, soloing theme, etc.). You'll most likely need to listen to the song four to five times, but that's the point... focused listening takes time. Then compare notes with what I and the other judges have said. Listen once more for any elements we brought up that you didn't catch. Do this for one song per day... it will most likely take about 20-30 minutes for each song.

P.S., congrats to all of those that have entered... I spent all day yesterday listening and making comments... great compositions!