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Openings, Part 5 - From the V (Common Jam-safe Blues Openings)

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The next most common place to open a song is from the V. This is bar 9 in the 12 Bar Blues Progression. Even though there is a V Chord associated with the turnaround in bar 12, it's known that "The V" only means bar 9.

There are three options to this opening type...

1) You and the entire band starts from the V ("All In")... "E, Shuffle, From the V, All In"

2) Only the band starts from the V (still "All In," but you don't play yet), and then you commonly enter at the beginning of the next chorus. This is a great way to open so that you have an opportunity to hear what feel the band is laying down... "E, Shuffle, From the V, All In"

3) You play a cliche V-IV-I lick and then the band enters when they want (commonly around the turnaround, at the very latest the downbeat of the following chorus)... "E, I'll take the I, come in when it feels right"