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Help Needed - New Amp Trial

David Barrett Admin's picture

Iā€™m going to do a NEW, SMALL AMP (not vintage) trial/tutorial for The focus is small (generally 10ā€ and preferably tube) new amps that are less than $1K and are easy to get in the marketplace. Please take a look at the list bellow and let me know if there are any amps I may be missing via commenting on this post on's FB page here Thank you!

VHT Special 6 - $249

Fender Super Champ X2 - $379

Lone Wolf Harp Train 10 - $387

Fender Pro Jr - $419

Windy City Plus - $455

Memphis Mini - $459

Fender Blues Jr - $529,

Mission Harp Amp Delta Sonic 15 - $739

HarpGear 2 - $900