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David's Tip of the Day: Yawn for Good Tone

David Barrett Admin's picture

Close your mouth and yawn. This will give you the sensation of what it feels like when a professional harmonica player with big tone plays the harmonica. The jaw is slightly lowered... middle and back of the tongue is lowered to the floor of the mouth... throat is slightly ballooned open... and soft palate is raised to close off the nasal cavity.

Grab a harmonica and play the hole you feel your tone is the weakest (probably the 2 draw). Play that note and give it a slight yawn. If your note starts to bend, get airy, stall or squeal, you're raising the back of your tongue... make sure it goes down.

This takes practice... not a teaching day goes by that I don't remind a student to do this. Be persistent in your practice of this and your tone will grow exponentially because of it.