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David's Tip of the Day: Variation Examples on Harmonica Chart, Part 3 (1st Position)

David Barrett Admin's picture

Moving this hook to 1st Position you probably noticed an issue with the IV7 Chord.

The I7 is C Bb C, which is played on 4+ 3' 4+, no problem, it sounds good.

The V7 is G F G, which is 2 2" 2 and 6+ 5 6+, again, sounds great.

The IV7 is F Eb F. F is not a problem (2" and 5), but Eb is only found on 8'+, 1OB (1 overblow) and 4OB (4 overblow). For this reason, many players will not choose to play this common hook in 1st Position.

There is an option though!

Play the I7 lick over the IV7. The I7 lick is C Bb C. These two notes are also found in the IV7 blues scale (F Ab Bb B C Eb F), and the central note (C) is part of the IV7 (F A C Eb). Give it a try, I think you'll find it works just fine.

Have a great weekend everyone!