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David's Tip of the Day: Value of Repetition, Part 4 (Chorus Forms AAA and AAB with Fills)

David Barrett Admin's picture

In Little Walter's "Juke" you hear him play the opening one-bar lick for four bars (A), then repeats those four bars (A), and then move away for the last four bars (B). This is called the AAB Chorus Form. If the opening lick, labeled "A," does not take up the entire line, then there's room to throw in a fill, labeled "f." The last line's fill is a turnaround and is labeled as 't." This makes the Af Af At or Af Af Bt Chorus Forms. AAB is the standard rhyme scheme for blues vocals. In the space you play harmonica fills... this is the Af Af Bt Chorus Form idea. For an example of the Af Af At Chorus Form, take a look at your Tongue Block Study 3 song, "Gary's Blues" Chorus 3. For an example of the Af Af Bt Chorus Form, take a look at your Bending Study 2.5 song, "Take It Easy Now" Chorus 3.