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David's Tip of the Day: Transcribing Series, Part 1 - Key and Rhythm Answers

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I hope you enjoyed the challenge of the first part of our transcription process. Here are the answers to Friday's questions...

1) Harmonica Key: A

2) Key you and the band are playing in: E

3) Where he starts in time: The 2" is on the "and" of 4, with the 2 draw on the downbeat of the next bar. So, he's playing a 1/2 beat pickup to Bar 1.

4) If you want to perform this like Walter did, then you would not count the band in... you would play the first bar and then nod your head on the downbeat of Bar 2 for the band to enter. If you prefer to play the song this way, then you'll want to practice this multiple times with the band in rehearsal to make this happen... it's not a safe way to start a song in a jam session (unless they've played the song before).

5) To make this opening "jam-safe," you have two options...

A) Have them come in with you. You would say, "E, Shuffle, From the I (one chord)" and then count them in, "1 . 2 . 1 2 3 4" and you play the 2" right after you say 4.

B) You play the first four bars by yourself and the band enters on the IV Chord (Bar 5). You would say, "E, Shuffle, I'll take the I, meet me on the IV." You would not count in... you would play the opening four bars and then nod your head on the downbeat of Bar 5 (downbeat of the IV Chord).

Now it's time for you to transcribe his first line... the first four bars. Give it a try and I'll share with you my first four bars of transcription tomorrow.