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David's Tip of the Day: Tongue Blocking Tips - Light Touch, Part 2 (The Good)

David Barrett Admin's picture

Here are some key benefits of using a light touch with your tongue on the face of the harmonica...

1) Holes to the right or left (depending on which tongue block technique you're performing) will not unintentionally be blocked by your tongue squishing into the holes.

2) When your tongue pushes on the face of the harmonica, your tongue will have a tendency to roll forward and arc, causing your tongue to fill the mouth cavity. The smaller your mouth cavity, the smaller/thinner your tone. With a light touch, your tongue will tend to stay at the floor of your mouth, allowing your mouth cavity to create the larger resonant chamber needed for good tone production.

3) With a light touch you'll glide across the face of the harmonica. Less pressure equals less drag, allowing you to play faster.

4) A relaxed tongue is a fast tongue... bending, articulations and other tongue movements are more efficient.

Work on using a light touch this week, it will pay great dividends.