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David's Tip of the Day: The Thrill is Gone, Part 2 (Bars 9 & 10) - Blues Standards

David Barrett Admin's picture

The first eight bars follow the standard 12 Bar Blues progression. In bars 9 and 10 where we expect a V7 to iv chord (it's common for a minor blues to have a major V chord), in this song it's a bVI (flat six chord) to V7. In 2nd Position (E Harmonica) this chromatically descending chord progression (by half step) works out well as 2 to 2', 3' to 3" or 3' to 4+. In 3rd Position (A Harmonica) 3' to 3", 4 to 4', 5 to 5+ (and its octave equivalent 2" to 2+) or 2" 2 (and 5 6+) works well. Experiment with these to see which sounds best to you.