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David's Tip of the Day: Take Chances on the Bandstand - Joe Filisko

David Barrett Admin's picture

This quote comes from a panel discussion with Dennis Gruenling, Rod Piazza and Joe Filisko at a past Harmonica Masterclass Workshop. I asked the panel what they like to hear in other players when listening to them on the bandstand and Joe states, "I do think it's very important that you take chances on the bandstand and I think the audience really enjoys seeing you sweat a little bit and seeing you go into new territory. And if you fail... if it didn't work out... then you just be humble about it and have a sense of humor about it and what you've done is you've created an unforgettable moment. [audience laughs] And it's not necessarily a negative moment. The audience is going to remember that you're a human being like they are and that you had a rough moment and you handled it with integrity." If you would like to see this panel discussion of Mastering the Bandstand students of can go here