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David's Tip of the Day: Stormy Monday (Versions) - Blues Standards

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Stormy Monday is one of the most common songs to be played at jam sessions, or as the token blues song that a non-blues band knows how to play. It's so common that you'll see "No Stormy Monday or Mustang Sally allowed at this jam" hung on the wall at some clubs. With this disclaimer stated, you'll want to become familiar with this song due to it being so commonly played and for the fact that it's not a standard twelve bar blues.

Your homework today is to listen to the three most common covered versions of this song...

1) "Stormy Monday" T-Bone Walker

2) "Stormy Monday Blues" Bobby "Blue" Band

3) "Stormy Monday" The Allman Brothers Band

I'm offline for three days and will look forward to continuing this thread on Monday. Have a great weekend everyone.