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David's Tip of the Day: Stormy Monday (V7 to bVI7 Note Options) - Blues Standards

David Barrett Admin's picture

Here's what I like to play. Reminder, Bar 9 is four beats on the V7 and then two beats for the bVI7 and then two beats back down to the V7.

#1 - 3" 3' 3"

#2 - 4+ 4' 4+

#3 - You can also play an arpeggio (notes of the chord played one after another). The V7 Chord being 1 2' 3" and then 4' for the bVI7 and back down to the 4+ for the V7.

As always, the key practice point is to loop that part of the song and play it hundreds of times until you come up with two to three combinations that you like and then memorize them so that they'll be waiting for you when you play this song.