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David's Tip of the Day: Stormy Monday (V7 to bVI7 Chords) - Blues Standards

David Barrett Admin's picture

In the Bobby Bland version the V7 is followed by a bVI7, which is simply the same as the V7 with all of the notes up a half step. The V7 is D F# A C, so this up a half step is Eb G Bb Db. If you think in sharps better, then you get D# F## A# C#. The F## is the same note as G, so it may be easier for you to think D# G A# C#.

The V7 Chord is D F# A C and is found here: 1+ 1 2' 3" 4+ 4 6
The bVI7 chord is Eb G Bb Db and is found here: 1' 2 3' 4' 6+

The V7 is played for four beats (Bar 9) and then for two beats in Bar 10 we get the bVI7 and then back to the V7 for two beats. Experiment by looping these two bars and see what you come up with that sounds good. I'll share my ideas tomorrow.