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David's Tip of the Day: Songwriting Spark, Part 3 - Head (Contemporary Artists)

David Barrett Admin's picture

Here's a list of killer instrumentals with strong heads.

“All Corned Up” Jim Liban, Hot Tongue and Cold Shoulder
“The Bounce” Rod Piazza, Alphabet Blues
“Hittin’ Heavy” William Clarke, William Clarke, the Early Years, Vol. 1
“Red Top” Gary Primich, Mr. Freeze
“South Bay Beatdown” Gary Smith, Blues for Mr. B
“Harp Shuffle” Mark Hummel, Harmonica Party
“Blues For Big Nate” Jerry Portnoy, Red Hot ‘n’ Blue
“Club Zanzibar” Kim Wilson, Kirk Fletcher, Shades of Blue
“El Gado Rumba Azul” Curtis Salgado, Hit It ‘n Quit It
“Ashburn Blues” Dennis Gruenling, Jump Time
“Blue Mambo” Steve Guyger, Past Life Blues