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David's Tip of the Day: Soloing Vocabulary - What to do with Memorized Solos or Songs

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Play them... often. Most of us don't have bands. The nice thing about having a band is that you have context for the songs you've studied. You also get to play these songs, at the very least, on a monthly basis to ensure retention. Mimic having a band. Make a playlist and once a week (if you don't have many songs at this point) or once a month (if you do have a lot of songs under your belt) hit play and don't stop until the playlist is complete. In the beginning I recommend you have the first track be the original and then the second track be the jam track for each song. When you feel confident in the accuracy of your performance, just play to the jam track and forgive yourself for small errors... there's no such thing as a flawless performance.