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David's Tip of the Day: School for Harmonicas - Between the Ears (Now Available)

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This BBC special is no streaming online. Thanks to Kim Addonizio and Sara Jane Hall for such a great program. Congrats to Steve Baker, Joe Filisko, Martin Häffner and Richard Weiss for being featured.


Imagine a town of harmonica players; sounds a bit surreal?

Now 'Between the Ears' gives listeners a chance to hear the harmonica as a
truly virtuoso instrument, always an instrument of the people - portable,
affordable and playable. Acclaimed poet Kim Addonizio turns harmonica
student, heading to blues school with pen, mouth, and a stack of harps at
the ready, in search of the sweetest sounds.

Trossingen in Germany may be the world capital of harmonicas. Every street
echoes to the sound of the harp, and even the downtown hotel is part of the
old Hohner Factory. This is where you will find the true aficionados, the
hard-core addicts, who come to have lessons with the top players.

Kim learns riffs from the world's top 'harp' teachers, Dave Barrett, Steve
Baker and Joe Filisko - who customizes harps for such as Neil Young, blues
great Kim Wilson, and jazz phenomenon Howard Levy, and who she wants to
persuade to accompany her on his magical harp.

She also dreams of being the first woman to jam on stage at the Blues
conference... so will her dreams become reality?