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David's Tip of the Day: Radiant = Big Tone

David Barrett Admin's picture

Yesterday I shared with you the important tip of using a yawn to create an embouchure conducive to creating big tone. Today I share the second element of how I create big tone on the harmonica... it's the word "radiant." This helps me to both play softly and direct warm/radiant air through the harmonica. Playing softly is at the core of controlled technique and the ability to play with dynamics (playing softly as your default provides a large dynamic range in performance). Directing warm air (as if to fog up a mirror) ensures I'm keeping my mouth cavity open (especially the lowering of the middle and back of my tongue) to create an airstream that won't cause harshness in tone or the unintentional bending of notes.

So, there you have it, these are two trigger words... "yawn" and "radiant"... to help you achieve big tone on the harmonica.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone! See you on Tuesday.