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David's Tip of the Day: Playing above Hole 6 - V Chord Focus Notes

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Our next step is to tip our hats to the V7 Chord in Bars 9 (the beginning of the V-IV-I lick) and 12 (the last piece of the turnaround). The V7 Chord is D F# A C, making 6 A, 8 D and 10 A from our scale available as notes of the V7 Chord.

Improvise again to your jam track, hitting a chord tone of the IV7 Chord (Thursday's focus) and a chord tone of the V7 Chord when they come up in the blues progression. You're going to have to really focus at first, this is not easy exercise (choose a slow jam track), but an essential one if you wish to get good at the high end. Before starting to play a chord, say the notes of the chord in your mind, visualize what your options are on your harmonica, and then play a proper note.

This will take about a month to six weeks of daily practice to dial in. The cool thing... after this you, can do something that most pros can't... they just have licks, you'll have a complete map.