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David's Tip of the Day: Playing above Hole 6 - Octave Substitution, Part 2 (Full Song)

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Instead of taking just one lick and moving it up an octave, try it with an entire song. Use "Temperature" from Tongue Block Study 2 and move it up an octave. Though by now you've probably already memorized the notes on your C Harmonica, you can visit Music Theory Study 1 for a note layout. The process is simple. The first lick of the song is 3 4+ 3, which are the notes B C B. Move these notes up one octave to 7 7+ 7. Print out the sheet music for the song and write below the TAB the octave above version. When the song travels above hole 6, play it as written (you of course run out of harmonica to move up an octave). You can do this with any study song on the site that does not included bending besides your 2" F and 3" A. This is one of the most simple exercises you have to master the high end of the harmonica.