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David's Tip of the Day: Playing above Hole 6 - Major Pentatonic Scale

David Barrett Admin's picture

The passage I had you practicing Friday (6+ 6 7 8) contains the first four notes of the ascending G Major Pentatonic Scale. Those notes, in this order, represents one of the best licks to transition you into the high end of the harmonica.

Here's the complete scale...

6+ 6 7 8 8+ 9+

Add the 10 at the end and you get another usable note = 6+ 6 7 8 8+ 9+ 10

Practice this ascending and descending 100 times today and you'll be ready for our next step.

P.S., in the Gary Primich interview I sent you to on Friday, Gary speaks of how felt this scale was helpful to him in getting to know the high end of the harmonica.

P.P.S., note that there are no bends, so this is something all skill level players can work on.