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David's Tip of the Day: Playing above Hole 6 - Focus Notes & Chorus Forms

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In Improvising Study 2 you learned about Focus Notes. These are the most common notes to start a lick on, and are based on the I7 Chord (G B D F on a C Harmonica in 2nd Position). Now that you've worked on Focus Notes on holes 1 through 6, it's time to work them from holes 6 to 9. Improvise again to the jam track you played with yesterday and now play one chorus starting, or playing a pickup to, the 6+ G (Root). Then the next chorus on the 7 B (3rd). Another chorus on 8 D (5th). Then 9 F (flat-7th). And lastly 9+ G (Root again). Once you present your first lick in each chorus, use a Chorus Form (Improvising Study 1) to give that chorus purpose, apposed to just wondering around the scale.