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David's Tip of the Day: Openings, Part 6 - From the Turnaround (Common Jam-safe Blues Openings)

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The same approaches that we used from the V (Bar 9) we can use for the Turnaround (Bar 11). Here are these options again, but specifically for the Turnaround.

1) “From the Turnaround, All-in” – You and the band start on Bar 11 and play a turnaround lick

2) “From the Turnaround, All-in” – Same idea as above, but you don’t start until the beginning of the next chorus. This gives you the opportunity to hear what the band is laying down before you play.

3) “I’ll bring you in from the turnaround” – You play the turnaround lick and the band enters at the beginning of the next chorus. They may enter a couple of beats earlier with a pickup—don’t let this throw you off.