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David's Tip of the Day: Non-Harmonica Music Instructor, Part 5 (The Lesson)

David Barrett Admin's picture

The fact that you're taking lessons from an instructor and not studying their primary instrument helps to set the tone that these lessons are to be very specific in focus.

Share what you're currently working on at to give them an idea of what your current skills are lay out what you would like to them to help you with. The primary areas are rhythm (both standard rhythm training, as taught for any instrument) and rhythm in regards to the performance of a piece you're working on. Next will the understanding of music (music theory). Spend some time reviewing scales and then work primarily on how chords work and how you can play within them and later outside of them (e.g., Blue Notes) for added interest. Make sure you're given homework and have a clear goal on what to work on to advance in preparation for your next lesson.

It's hard to understand how much this will help you right now, but you'll look back after your studies and realize how much of a better musician this focus has made you.