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David's Tip of the Day: Non-Harmonica Music Instructor, Part 2 (The Call)

David Barrett Admin's picture

Ring ring... ring ring...

"Hello, school of generic music in generic town."

Hi, this is David Barrett. I'm interested in speaking to one of your jazz guitar or piano instructors about private lessons. I play harmonica, but am interested in working with an instructor that can help me with my musicality. I prefer someone who has formal music training so they can help me with some basic music reading for rhythm training and music theory when it's needed. Any experience in blues is a plus.

"Sure, Joe Jazz is a respected jazz pianist in the area and teaches night classes at the local junior college, I think he'll fit your needs very well."

Great. Is there another instructor on staff as well? It would be nice to take an introductory lesson from a couple of instructors to find the one that fits my personal learning style the best.

"Yes, we can also leave a message for Jill Jazz, she's a jazz guitarist that's new to the scene, but just finished her masters at UC Jazz. I'll have both of them contact you within a couple of days."