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David's Tip of the Day: Non-Harmonica Music Instructor, Part 1 (The Concept)

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You of course have me to help you on your path to becoming a great blues harmonica player, especially those who submit recorded material regularly, but there are instructors local to you that can help too. Harmonica instructors are hard to come by, but guitar and piano instructors are not. They can help you with your timing (this is what I spend most of my time helping students with), rhythm training, music theory, improvising, accompaniment playing... all of the elements in music that are common among instruments and not specific to the harmonica.

A classically trained instructor will have the core skills to help any instrument, and one that is well versed in playing jazz will easily be able to help you with blues (a blues instructor may not have the music training background you're looking for, so make sure to ask).

Your homework today is to look in your local phone book and online to create a list of instructors and institutions that you can call to begin your search. Don't call anyone yet, I'll give you a list of things to say to get you started tomorrow.