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David's Tip of the Day: Messin’ with the Kid - Blues Standards

David Barrett Admin's picture

The next tune on our standards list is Junior Wells' "Messin’ with the Kid." This is another rock beat with a strong guitar hook and thematic hook in the opening (played once) and ending (played three times). Here's the opening thematic lick played on the harp (assuming the band is in the key of C)...

2nd Position (F Harmonica)
6+ 5 4 4+ 3' 3" 2 2" 2 - Be careful to play the 3' in tune, it's a challenging note in this passage and it sounds bad if you don't play it in pitch.

3rd Position
4 4+ 3" 3+ 2" 2+ 1 1+ 1 or 8 7+ 6 6+ 5 5+ 4 4+ 4