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David's Tip of the Day: Harmonica Community - Help

David Barrett Admin's picture

What does it mean to "help" the harmonica community?

Here are some examples...

1) Ask the leader of the local jam session you frequent if there's anything you can help with. Aspects of running or setting up for the jam... getting the word out via social media or flyers in the local area...

2) Get the word out about products or services you feel strongly about in your social circles... local and your social media (Facebook, blog, etc.). Possibly write a review.

3) If there are companies out there that you feel offer a valuable service to you and the harmonica community, ask how you can help. Most, if not all, independent companies that make products for the harmonica do it out of the love for their instrument and harmonica community... many do it as a hobby and can use help with some of the business side of things.